Troubleshooting Noisy Tankless Water Heaters

November 15, 2023

It is common for tankless water heaters to make noises when they heat water. However, if your tankless water heater starts humming, hissing, ticking, hammering, and producing annoying sounds, it needs a good examination. A first-hand solution is to call a plumber to install a check valve in your waterline so that water flow remains seamless from the waterline to your tankless water heater without any interference from plumbing fixtures.

Examining with the Help of Sound

If you find your tankless water heater making noises out of the blue, especially when it is not in use. You can check for causes and fix yourself, judging by the sound of noises it makes. Read on to find out how:

1. Humming

A tankless water heater produces humming noises when an element of your water heater is loose. That’s why it produces vibrations due to water flow. This situation is not alarming, but these noises are. You can call Arid Valley, and a plumber from their team can fix the element for you.

2. Hammering

Plumbing experts call it “water hammering”. The reason behind water hammering can be loose pipes. As they are not tightly secured, the flowing water force hits them against the wall. This issue is not a cause of concern, but if left untreated, it can cause bigger trouble, like water damage.

You don’t need to get your water heater diagnosed, as the noise is due to the mounted pipes. Your plumber might consider installing a water hammer arrestor to fix this.

3. Hissing

Hissing sounds are a strong indicator of leakage. If you hear a hissing noise, there’s a leakage in the water source of your water heater. You should consider contacting a professional for this kind of diagnosis and solution. Chances are that your tankless water heater has outlived its days and needs replacement.

4. Screeching

Such noise can be due to an inappropriately opened valve installed at your water heater or near faucets at your property. Listen attentively to figure out the source of the noise. The valve on your tankless water heater might need to be replaced. You better seek professional help and avoid doing it yourself, as steam burns can happen.

5. Ticking

This ticking noise resembles the sound your car’s indicator makes while taking a turn. The majority of us have heat traps or valves installed in our homes to guide the water to flow in the right direction. Either these heat traps and valves are the sources of such noises, or it may be due to the hot and cold water effect inside the pipes.

This is not a cause of concern, and it seldom appears. Particularly when you are near your water heater, as it does not indicate serious trouble, you are better off without a fix.

Wrapping Up

A tankless water heater making noises can be an indicator of various problems. It is always the best idea to contact the professionals at Arid Valley Plumbing and find a suitable solution. Call us at (602) 999-4741.