Is Hydro Jetting Better Than Snaking

March 15, 2024

Hydro Jetting and snaking both share the same goal of clearing clogs. However, they work differently. So, which one is better? It depends on the situation. Snaking is great for dislodging solid obstructions like tree roots or big clumps of debris, while hydro jetting is more effective for clearing out grease, soap scum, and mineral deposits.

Consider it like choosing the right tool for the job—sometimes you need a gentle scrub, and other times you need a heavy-duty blast to get the job done right. When it comes to effectiveness, Hydro Jetting is better than snaking.

Hydro jetting vs. Snaking.

In the past, if your pipes got clogged, using a snake tool was the only good way to fix it. Snaking is still the best choice even now if you have a clog inside your home. Drain cleaners might work, but they have strong chemicals that can harm your pipes and make them leak.

Some drain cleaners also produce a lot of heat, which can damage certain kinds of pipes. A plumber’s snake is like a long, flexible tool with a twisty end. A plumber sticks it down your pipe and twists it to break the clog. When they pull it back out, it brings some of the gunk with it so it doesn’t clog up the pipe again.

Snaking is good for indoor pipes, but Hydro Jetting is better for big sewer pipes. Hydro Jetting is like using a powerful hose to blast away clogs. It’s highly effective at removing tough clogs and washing everything down the pipe into the city’s sewer system.

Another bonus is that it cleans the inside of the pipes well, eliminating any gross stuff that might cause more clogs. So, go with snaking for indoor pipes, but hydrojetting is the way for big sewer pipes.

Use Cases of Hydro Jetting and Snaking

Although Hydro Jetting has many benefits, snaking remains useful in specific situations. Here’s when you might opt for each method:

Snaking Is Handy When:

  • You face small clogs, like hair or tiny debris, near the surface.
  • You must clear basic clogs in toilets, sinks, or tubs.
  • You want a fast and budget-friendly fix.

Hydro jetting Is the Go-to for:

  • Tackling tough, deep clogs, like tree roots or thick grease buildup.
  • Cleaning multiple drains in big places like businesses or factories.
  • Finding a lasting fix for stubborn blockages.

Why Hydro Jetting Is Better?

Hydro jetting is superior to traditional snaking for cleaning drains because:

  • It Cleans Thoroughly: Hydro jetting removes the clog and washes the whole pipe, removing any junk inside. This ensures that your drains stay clear and work better.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly: Hydro Jetting uses water pressure instead of chemicals, which is much better for the environment and your pipes. No harmful stuff goes down your drains or into nature.
  • It Is Long-Term: Unlike snaking, which might need to be done again, Hydro Jetting clears out even the toughest clogs, keeping your drains clear for longer.
  • It works for Multiple Locations: Hydro jetting can be used in all kinds of drains, whether it’s at home or in big buildings. It’s good for any cleaning job of any size.

Author’s Remarks

Although hydrojetting is better than snaking, consider the severity of your clog, its cause, and what you need when you choose how to clean your drain. It’s best to get advice from a plumber who can examine your pipes and pick the right method.

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