Is A Tankless Water Heater Worth It?

April 30, 2024

Tankless water heaters are getting more popular. Unlike traditional ones, they don’t store hot water in a tank. Instead, they heat water right when you need it. When you turn on a hot water faucet, a gas burner or electric element heats the water instantly and sends it to the tap.

There are also claims that they help you save money and energy. However, are they worth the hype? Let’s discuss a common query: “Is a tankless water heater worth it?”

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heater

The best way to decide whether something is worthy enough is to weigh its pros and cons. Following are some pros and cons of a tankless water heater:

Pros of Going Tankless

Using a tankless water heater offers the following user benefits:

  • Longevity: Tankless water heaters are built tough and can last long. They also have low operating costs, and since most parts can be replaced, they’re better for the environment in the long run.
  • Endless Hot Water: Unlike storage tanks that run out of hot water, tankless heaters can keep providing hot water as long as there’s fuel or energy to heat it.
  • Energy Conservation: Traditional water heaters waste energy by constantly heating water in the tank. Tankless heaters only heat water when needed, making them more energy-efficient. This can help lower your energy bill.
  • Space Saving: Tankless water heaters are compact and hang on walls, saving floor space. This is great for smaller homes where every inch counts.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Tankless heaters use fewer non-renewable resources and can be repaired with replaceable parts, unlike traditional tanks that often need to be replaced entirely.

Cons of Going Tankless

The following are some considerable drawbacks of using a tankless water heater:

  • Initial Costs: Switching to a tankless water heater may require upfront expenses for the heater and installation. This includes new venting and gas lines. However, energy savings offset these costs over time since tankless heaters don’t constantly reheat water.
  • Water Output: While a large tank holds a lot of hot water, it can be wasteful. Tankless heaters are more efficient but have limited output. To meet high demand, you may need to install multiple tankless heaters. Reliance offers various models to suit your needs, including a recirculating unit to reduce water usage.

Best Tankless Water Heater

To determine which water heater is the best, you must consider your hot water requirements, usage, and cost. When looking for a tankless water heater, check for an Energy Star rating, which means it’s highly efficient. Following are some popular brands:

  • Rinnai: They make gas tankless heaters for standard-sized homes.
  • Rheem: Known for reliable gas and electric models that are easy to install.
  • Noritz: The first tankless heater maker, offering a variety of gas models at different prices.
  • Stiebel Eltron: A German brand with efficient and compact gas and electric models.
  • Bosch: Highly rated for electric models, also offering gas options.
  • Takagi: A Japanese brand offering gas models at lower prices.

Wrapping Up

The answer to “Is a tankless water heater worth it?” is yes if you are seeking a long-term money and energy-saving solution. If you are comfortable bearing the heavy initial cost, a tankless water heater can cater to all your hot water needs.

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