How Long to Run Water After a New Water Heater?

December 15, 2023

Just installed a new water heater? The thought of cozy water baths and germ-free hot water laundry can be exciting. However, you need to hold yourself back for a while. This waiting time depends on the size and type of your water heater.

How Long Does It Take for a New Water Heater to Start Working?

The time duration of a new water heater to start working depends on several factors. Such as the type of water heater, its size, power source, and particular model. Following is a general overview:

1. Tankless Water Heaters:

Tankless water heater types offer hot water as per demand. So, the waiting time is minimal. Once it is installed and linked to the water supply, it delivers hot water immediately.

2. Tank-Type Water Heaters:

Old tank-type water heaters usually take around 30 minutes to a couple of hours till the water reaches the required temperature. The initial heating time varies with the tank size, power source (gas or electric), and temperature adjustment.

3. Gas Water Heaters:

Gas-powered water heaters usually heat water faster than electric ones. They have a short recovery time. This indicates that they can replenish hot water quickly.

4. Electric Water Heaters:

Electric units can take a bit longer to heat up at the start due to the heating elements needing time to reach the desired temperature.

What to Do After Installing a New Water Heater?

Following is what you can do to start using your new heater. These tips will keep it at optimal performance and make uninterrupted hot water supply possible.

  • Bleed Air from the System:

    If you have a tank-type water heater, open a hot water faucet in the house for a few minutes to release any trapped air in the system. This will enhance water flow and lower initial waiting times.

  • Flush the Tank:

    Ensure to flush the tank before use. It removes any debris or blockage that was collected during the manufacturing process. This ensures peak performance and efficient heating.

  • Check for Proper Installation:

    Check that the water heater is installed correctly, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Follow any necessary instructions given by the company.

How Do You Know When a New Water Heater Is Full?

Following are some indicators to help you figure out when a new water heater is full and ready to supply hot water:

  • Filling Time:

    The filling time of a water heater depends on the size of the tank, water pressure, and the efficiency of the plumbing system. Keep track of the time it takes to fill up.

  • Open the Hot Water Faucet:

    While the water heater is getting filled with water, keep the hot water faucet open. Doing so will steady the water flow. This also releases trapped air in the lines to fill the tank.

  • Listen for Changes:

    You can observe the sound change of the water running through the pipes. You might hear a rushing sound when air pushes the water flow as soon as the tank fills up.

Bottom Line

There’s no hard and fast rule to tell how long to run water after a new water heater. As there are various factors involved. However, professional intervention can help you utilize your unit efficiently.

Whenever you plan on buying a new water heater, always consult a plumbing professional like Riley Owen and his team at Arid Valley Plumbing. This will avoid complications and elongate the life of your unit. Call us at (602) 999-4741 to book a slot.