Common Drain Problems And How To Prevent Them

January 15, 2024

Drain problems are like an underground battle where your pipes are trying to let water through, but the debris is a stubborn bouncer, making it frustrating. Sometimes, it can lead to water pooling around your feet in the shower, not the spa experience you signed up for. Let’s further discuss some prevention tips to avoid such inconveniences.

What Is the Common Problem of Drainage Systems?

The most common drain problem is blocked drains. These blocked drains are indicated by slow drainage and water gurgling sounds. Following are some more causes of drain blockage:

  1. Mud
    If it’s your outdoor drain facing the blockage, then it must be the leaves or mud accumulation blocking the pipes. This is a common occurrence, particularly after storms, rain, or during autumn when dead leaves are piled up everywhere.
  2. Cracked Drain
    Like everything else, drains are prone to wear and tear with time. The increased usage can cause cracks in the drain, mainly around joints. This can also trigger the nasty sewer water to leak out on your property.
  3. Rust
    Limescale can accumulate inside your pipes. This can reduce the opening of your pipes. This can cause water to get trapped and disrupt the water flow. If it’s a cast iron pipe, it can also bear the same fate due to rust buildup.
  4. Collapsed Drains
    Wear and tear in your pipes increase with time and worsen if not treated. Such non-treatment results in the drain collapsing. It bursts the pipe open and lets wastewater ruin your property. The mold growth and water damage can be severe when a drain collapses.
  5. Invasive Tree Roots
    Tree roots look for moist areas to grow. The pipes at your property provide the most suitable nourishment opportunities. Once a small root somehow enters your pipe. It will gradually grow and turn into a big obstruction. You can even expect these roots to multiply. This causes a severe blockage; water cannot bypass it.

Preventing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are not a pretty situation to deal with. It is better to avoid them at any cost. You can take the following preventive measures:

  • Use drain guards such as a mesh strainer to trap food particles before they flow down the drain.
  • Grease looks like a liquid. However, upon cooling down, it solidifies like a ball of slime. Avoid pouring hot grease down your kitchen sink.
  • No products other than human waste and toilet paper are considered flushable.
  • Get a routine sewer inspection done to avoid the development of potential obstructions inside the pipes.

Key Takeaway

You can try DIYs when it comes to drain blockages. However, not all drain issues require a plunger or auger. Most of them are beyond a homeowner’s expertise. Seek professional help from your local professionals at Arid Valley Plumbing.

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