Commercial Vs. Residential Water Heater

December 30, 2023

Water heaters breathe life into our winter routines. We can’t even imagine bathing or doing laundry without hot running water. If you think your water usage is more than an average household’s, consider buying a new water heater. The following discussion might help in making a fruitful purchase decision.

What Is the Most Efficient Type of Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are, so far, the most efficient water heaters out there. They don’t store the water but use heating coils to supply it on demand. They save energy by supplying a restricted flow of water every minute. Tankless water heaters are the best choice for individuals who don’t need hot running water for multitasking, like doing dishes and laundry at the same time.

Commercial vs. residential Water Heaters

Following are some key differences between residential and commercial water heaters.

1. Maintenance

Residential water heaters have a limited water supply capacity that can be used on demand. Whenever you need hot water for showering or doing laundry, etc. While commercial settings can’t rely on it, they need continuous water supply for various uses. Therefore, commercial water heaters can require extra maintenance or repairs.

2. Safety

A commercial water heater gets potentially hotter quicker than a residential one. If you’re an individual who keeps safety first and wants to avoid possible burning incidents, consider going for a residential water heater. Commercial water heaters are usually handled in a professional setting. These professional individuals are skilled in managing extreme temperatures per the guidelines.

3. Tank Size

A residential water heater can preserve up to 100 gallons at maximum. While a commercial one can preserve up to 250 gallons. Therefore, you must consider your water usage before choosing a water heater.

4. Energy-Saving

A commercial water heater requires up to 1,000,000 BTUs, whereas a residential one needs only 75000 BTUs. Make sure that your electricity grid has sufficient capacity to provide these units.

When to Consider a Commercial Water Heater

We understand that a commercial water heater will be the best choice if you have high water usage or own a huge residential or commercial building. However, if you live in a nuclear family house, residential water heaters are what you need. But then also, you can have more than average water requirements. Such as:

  • You own a home Jacuzzi system
  • A huge water tub with spa features
  • You live in a joint family system with many individuals in a huge house

Ending Note

All water heaters are equally efficient. A perfectly assembled unit without a fault gives its best upon usage. Choosing the one that caters to your water needs the best depends solely on your requirements. After all, convenience is all that we crave.

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